Tips to Score Good Marks in ICSE Class 10 Exam

CISCE Council conducts the ICSE class 10 board exam for all the ICSE schools across India. The exams are generally conducted in February and March. The ICSE class 10 syllabus is vast so it is crucial that students pay attention from the beginning of the academic session. They should allocate time to each subject and design a proper study plan. Here we have provided a few tips that will help students to excel in their ICSE class 10 exam with a systematic exam preparation approach.

We have divided the exam preparation into 3 broad categories which are:

  1. Exam preparation during the initial days of session
  2. Preparation in the middle of the academic session
  3. Preparation tips at the end of the academic session

Preparation During the Initial Days of Session

The initial days of the class are stress-free to the students where they do not have any burden or pressure. At this time, they are full of energy so they should utilize it in the right direction. Students are advised to attend daily classes and concentrate on the topics that are taught in the classroom. They must keep their ears open to grasp the concepts that are being taught by the teacher. Assigning 2-3 hours daily to self-study during the initial days will be enough for the students. After school hours, they must go through the topics by themselves and solve the exercise problems in advance. Students must divide their time equally to all the subjects.

Preparation in the Middle of the Academic Session

At this stage, students need to understand the course of preparation. By this time they must have completed half of the syllabus. So, it is easy for them to identify which subjects suit them and which need more of their attention. They need to maintain a balance between the two. Apart from the classroom studies, students have to focus on practising more questions. For a subject like Physics, students need to solve different types of numerical as well as theory problems. ICSE Class 10 Physics Selina Solutions will help them to become proficient in this subject. For complete theory subjects such as English, History, Geography and Hindi studying from a single book will be enough.

Preparation Tips at the End of the Academic Session

By this time, students have finished with the entire syllabus, and they have hardly 1 or 2 months for the board exam. At this stage, they should start with the revision of all the subjects. Suppose a student is weak in Chemistry subject then he should analyse the Chemistry topics in which he is not up to the mark and then practice the questions from Selina book. In case he is unable to solve problems then its best to refer the ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Selina Solutions. Similarly, for other subjects students can follow the Selina book to practice different types of questions.

Students must devote their time in practising and analyzing their preparation level. For this, they must solve the previous year question papers and sample papers. This will give them a good idea of the actual exam and types of questions asked in the paper. While solving these papers, they will find out their weak and strong areas. Accordingly, they can put effort into it and improve their overall performance.

If students study in this way, then they will surely rock in class 10 board exams. They must focus on making their concepts clear instead of mugging up the topics. Download BYJU’S App and learn Maths & Science in an interesting, fun-loving way with animated videos.

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