The Advantages and disadvantages of 4 Different Teaching Methods

Different students stand out using different teaching methods, but because a teacher, how will you know which of them are perfect for your students? Teacher training programs should make an effort to tailor individual lesson intends to achieve the biggest quantity of students, but must always recall the students who may need special teaching techniques to retain information. Four common teaching methods would be the lecture, the tutor saliba, the discussion and also the cooperative learning.


The lecture teaching technique is most generally used. Within the lecture method, an instructor stands in front from the classroom and lectures concerning the information. This process presents factual information and it is especially helpful for big groups, especially as students get older. Teachers will have to prepare information before hands.

One major disadvantage to the lecture teaching technique is that it’s not easy to determine just how much information students really learn and retain. It’s not usually suggested for kids in elementary school because it might be hard for youthful students to stay still and silent lengthy enough to understand.

Tutor Saliba

The tutor saliba teaching technique is a mix of lectures and student discussion. This process concentrates on how individual students learn and realizes that students can learn best by hearing, seeing or speaking information. While using tutor saliba method helps to ensure that a lot of students learn since it is a mix of different learning styles.

One drawback to the tutor saliba technique is the additional workload for that teacher. Since the teacher can’t focus on just one sort of learner while using tutor saliba method, she or he does need to be focused on the prosperity of each student.


The discussion teaching method enables everybody to sign up inside a discussion regarding the subject. It’s especially helpful following a presentation that may be examined. Attorney at law is definitely an active chance to learn, but it will take considerable time from other teaching methods. Students who’re shy might not participate and it is feasible for a couple of more outgoing students to dominate the discussion so teachers must have strategies to reign in students, as needed.

Cooperative Learning

The cooperative learning teaching method teaches students existence skills for example persistence and empathy simultaneously they’re understanding the needed information. Studies have proven the cooperative learning technique as a good method, however not every students take advantage of it. Students who’re naturally shyer might find it difficult and advanced students could get an inflated ego in the method.

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