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Here I will teach you about Photoshop-Aircraft-Gun-Animation-Tutorial

[1]-First of all Open any image of Gun as I did take following image


[2]-NOw make duplicate Layer with the help of Ctrl+J & then go to Blending Options with click on 'f' which is indicating by Hand sign


[3]-Now select Inner Shadow & use the following settings
Photoshop Technique-How to use the Inner Shadow feature


[4]-Now your image should look as shown below


[5]-Now Open New Layer & then create the following selection with the help of Polygonal Lasso Tool


[6]-Now fill the selection with fff200 color & then go to Select>Modify>Contract & use the following settings


[7]-Now your image should look as shown below


[8]-Now fill the selection with # f7941d color & then go to Filter>Blur>Gussian Blur & use the following settings


[9]-Now your image should look as shown below


[10]-Now press Ctrl+J & create the following Transformation with the help of Ctrl+T & then ENTER


[11]-Now your image should look as shown below


[12]-Now go to Image Ready with the help of Ctrl+Shift+M & then go to WINDOW>ANIMTION & make 2 Duplicate Frame with the help
of 2 Times click on following sign which is indicating by Hand sign


[13]-Now select Frame-1 & hide the following Layers


[14]-Now your image should look ash shown below


[15]-Now select Frame-2 & hide the following Layers with the help of Remove EYE sign which is indicating by Hand sign


[16]-Now your image should look as shown below


[17]-Now select Frame-3 & then Hide the following Layers


[18]-Now your image should look as shown below


[19]-Now Play the Animation with the help of click on following Button which is indicating by Hand sign

Pun318-Photoshop-Aircraft-Gun-Animation-Tutorial19 Buy Abilify Over The Counter, [20]-Now go to FILE>SAVE OPTAMIZED AS.. & use the following settings


[21]-Thanks for read this Photoshop Tutorial.I hope U have enjoyed & the Final Output of this tutorial is shown below


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